Data Activism as scholarly pursuit

NURTURING OPEN CONNECTIONS AND COLLABORATION AGAINST THE DOMINATION OF DATAFICATION IN HIGHER EDUCATION. Juliana Raffaghelli. Professor, Department of Psychology and Education, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya - jraffaghelli@uoc.du - ORCID 0000-0002-8753-6478 Javiera Atenas. Latin American Initiative for Open Data; Open Education Working Group; Research Fellow, Departamento de Didácticas Aplicadas, Facultad de Educación, Universitat de Barcelona … Continue reading Data Activism as scholarly pursuit

OD4L: the Open Data adventure goes on!

So happy to tell that a workshop proposal I worked on in the context of the recently created network Open Education Italia [OEI] (Progetto Open Data per l'Apprendimento / Open Data for Learning) was successfully accepted at the EDEN Conference in Genoa The Conference EDEN “EXPLORING THE MICRO, MESO AND MACRO”. Navigating between dimensions … Continue reading OD4L: the Open Data adventure goes on!