OD4L: the Open Data adventure goes on!

So happy to tell that a workshop proposal I worked on in the context of the recently created network Open Education Italia [OEI] (Progetto Open Data per l’Apprendimento / Open Data for Learning) was successfully accepted at the EDEN Conference in Genoa

The Conference EDEN “EXPLORING THE MICRO, MESO AND MACRO”. Navigating between dimensions in the digital learning landscape. will be held at Genoaa, 17-20 June 2018

So this proposal is the result of an ongoing conversation between me, Valentina Bazzarin, Javiera Atenas and Fabio Nascimbeni.

We have been discussing the way to promote more appropriation of Open Data as form of civic engagement and participation in the digital society. That work was pioneered by Javiera, whose paper “Open Data as Open Educational Resources” was inspirational for all of us.

Valentina had been working in the area of cognitive processes behind ethic reflection and connecting that with civic participation and engagement. Through this perspective, she approached to work on how data can be collected through open methods in the healthcare area, and that engagement promotes awareness and self-advocacy by vulnerable groups.

Fabio has pioneered research on the area of Open Educational practices and was interested on the potential of open data as open educational resources.

I brought my perspective on professional development and data literacy to the group, and hence, I designed the workshop. Javiera and Valentina contributed with crucial contents, and Fabio will collaborate in the workshop coordination and dissemination.

This time, I wrapped up all the needed content in an open page, which will become an open educational resource for all the interested educators, aligning with the values of the working group and the network OEI.

Here is the link to the webpage with the resources and activities for all!

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