Eden Annual Conference at Oslo

Eden Annual Conference at Oslo

And here we are at one of the most expensive cities in the world , ready to enjoy the 2013 edition of the Eden Annual conference. The joy of learning is the topic.

  1. Not on purpose, I found myself engaged in many workshops regarding Open Education. It was indeed a sort of leit motiv during the whole conference and conversations: opening up? how to do it? not possible in my institutional reality… who is going to win? a new educational utopia!

    This was served together with a good number of talks on MOOCs and the disruptive thing (what was at the beginning?? I heard so many times the word disruptive for this or that….ah, yeah, it was innovation, according to Christensen, a decade ago)…
  2. The only justifiable way to apply technology in education … Is disruptively #edenoslo
  3. June Breivik: Disruptive Education on @slideshare slideshare.net/eden_online/ju… #edenoslo
  4. …with the connections of learning with passion and promoting the voice of learners and agency (Anna Kyra)   learning design (Grainne Conole), microinnovations (Camilleri) the problem of assessment.

     There were international personalities like @Ken Robinson @Sugata Mitra @Anna Kyra. But also key actors in European networks on eLearning like Grainne Conole (University of Leicester), Alan Tait (Open University of UK), Albert Sangrà (Open University of Catalonia), Anthony Camilleri and Claudio Dondi (EFQUEL). Last but not least I had the opportunity to assist to presentations cultivating the EU-LA space, from Cristobal Cobo (Oxford University), Alfredo Teixeira (Universidade Aberta de Portugal) and Marcelo Maina (Open University of Catalonia). Interesting to have the perspective of the European Commission…

    As usual, the conference was rather focused on  projects and the description of pilot experiences, mainly from EU but this year with many delegates from non-EU countries like BRICS. Therefore, it gave a good idea of what is going on, what are the “memes” in the elearning research community…where the EU money is being spent…;)
    I did not have the opportunity to listen very good research presentations. Probably I selected some type of activities like workshops were I was given the space to be more (inter)active; all of them introduced developments rather than research questions and outcomes . This was just an impression, but it is connected with what I’m about to say further in this post.
  5. Opening up education: the contribution of Ana Carla Pereira to 2013 Eden Conference in Oslo #EDENOslo pic.twitter.com/i3TuQvdYEw
  6. Live from San Francisco @ 2013 Eden Conference #EDENOslo pic.twitter.com/BK9kFvadkm
  7. I just had the honour of listening to TED-Global speakers Ken Robinson ( ted.com/speakers/sir_ken_ro…)and Sugata Mitra ( ted.com/speakers/sugata_mit…) speak live about their ideas for education reform. Thank you #edenoslo for the opportunity, – and everybody, please checkout their talks.
  8. Slides for my design workshop today – busy hiding slides as I have too many! slideshare.net/GrainneConol… #EDENoslo
  9. Tomorrow we will explore how to foster a common #HigherEd agenda in #OER between the #EU and #latinoamerica #EDENOslo #open #access matters
  10. RT @JulianaR71: Inspiration from Alan Tait at #edenoslo. The battle of open and closed, which implies rethinking quality, continues.
  11. …As Sugata Mitra recalled, we have so much in our hands. Education is the power and the right way, Romans would say, the via maestra.
  12. Civilisation is a race between education and catastrophe – H G Wells #edenoslo
  13.  Shame on the schools and teachers, that are not really able of doing their own work properly. Ken Robinson recalled all of us that the school is killing creativity; and Sugata Mitra came up with their well documented experiences showing that everything and everybody can teach if it is in the right place at the right moment, and the supposed learners are curious about.
  14. ‘Any teacher who can be replaced by a computer… Should be.’ -Arthur C Clarke #edenoslo
  15. Learning in the Cloud @ 2013 Eden Conference #EDENOslo pic.twitter.com/aIux25IMol
  16. We could customize education. If we want to. People leave education because they don’t think it’s relevant. #EDENOslo @SirKenRobinson
  17. While following the inspiring keynotes speechs, as well as my colleagues presentations, I think there is a feeling of wanting to make revolutions. We are all critizising the school system and we are all doing smaller or bigger things to reform them . It seems to me we are searching on Open Education and MOOCs the answers for the failure of the system. No one cares about your college degree anymore. No one cares about the fact you went to the school, but what you actually know and learnt in your whole life.
  18. No One Cares About Your College Degree Anymore shar.es/x0hBV via @newser just think about, #edenoslo
  19. We all know that and continue to repeat it in our smaller or bigger practices (as I did in my presentations)
  20. I plunge in the stream of presentations with my mind  floating, searching for new motivations and ideas. I suddenly came across a couple of questions that made me feel somehow uncomfortable. Why (we innovators/researchers of education and technologies) tend to blame on others?
  21. if schools kill creativity…which is our sin…I mean, we community of
    educational researchers and experts, here at #edenoslo
  22. Why the others we blame on are not aware, as we are, on the need of changing the system?
  23. Why if passion is so evidently connected with effective learning educational systems ar so resistent to it? #edenoslo
  24. Open Education. MOOCs. Opening, making accessible, allowing people to have their own space and voice in the society, against the power systems, was a leit motiv.
  25. It was a leit motiv also in the ’70s, with Paulo Freire and Ivan Illich. We are not inventing anything new. But why aren’t we able of convincing others about this need?
  26. @JulianaR71 a leit motiv! I’m wondering how much is it a leit motiv for policy makers and practitioners there outside.
  27. MOOCs are like a Norwegian taxi ride. It’s free all the way until you reach your destination – then you pay the bill… #edenoslo
  28. Still missing a more critical analysis of this ‘fast food’ #education so called #Moocs at #EDENOslo Where is the evidence based #learning?
  29. @JulianaR71 as said this morning, openness cannot be implemented without taking into account learning cultures #Edenoslo
  30. Perhaps we need more critical discussions, and for sure more focus on the others, on their needs as practitioners, policy makers, learners, instead on our own vision of the education and the world. It is ok to critize. But it is at least 10 years that I go to conferences where there are inspiring speechs, envisioned revolutions, and little self-criticism about what we should do as researchers and academics.
  31. An inspiring discussion about #OER beyond #contents and #cultural constrains pic.twitter.com/VXl4nMOAXj
  32. If the systems does not change, it is, for sure, our fault. What could be done in order to better link the educational academia revolutions with everyday life in educational institutions?

    I don’t have any answer for this. But the sole fact that this question came up from EDEN conference, worth the 3 days.

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