The networked learning conference 2012 in Maastricht, after the hotseats ;-)

It was incredibly motivating, this year to come to the NWL conference in Maastricht to make my presentation on my latests experiences with teachers cooking-new-things-in-class- 😉

It was an important moment, because I encountered David McConnell and his group, after two years (from the selection of my paper in 2010) of exchanges to prepare the book “Exploring the Theory, Pedagogy and Practices of Networked Learning”. To me it was an unexpected opportunity, since I thought my paper didn’t disserve the honour of being selected from about 200 papers for this book. Which is an important one: because it attempts to cristallize many of the discussions in ten years (or more) of work of the group of Networked Learning, constituted by scholars from the University of Lancaster, Open University, University of Glasgow, Open University of Netherlands, and Aalborg University.

This is because the book was given importance withint the programme of the conference:

We had been given floor to talk about the book during the hot seats, some months previous to the conference. The hotseats are an excellent opportunity to discuss ideas and prepare to the conference.

The conference, as I reflected it on Twitter and Facebook, was a great opportunity to deep on ideas and generate new ones, in contact with people of the highest theoretical level…but most of all, great fieldworkers!

Here is my presentation:

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